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This is a page to collect the recordings and materials for the Paramis study course offered 2019-2020 by Chris Clifford, David Cohen and Jennifer Lemas. We co-teach in all the sessions, so the single name on each talk below is not accurate.

The section for each Parami will contain links to the materials we emailed out for each session, plus the recording of the group Friday morning monthly meetings. Note we are mailing out readings ahead of each class, so the recording may show as "not available" until the class happens.

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  • Paramis 2019-20 Course Description (PDF)
  • Parami: Crossing The Floods (Introduction) by Ajahn Sucitto (PDF)

Paramis: Generosity
  • Paramis: Generosity Week 1 Introduction  (PDF)
  • Paramis: Generosity Week 2 Stories  (PDF)
Chris Clifford 2019-09-13 1:33:42
Paramis: Virtue
  • Paramis: Virtue Week 1 Introduction  (PDF)
  • Paramis: Virtue Week 2 Precepts  (PDF)
  • Paramis: Virtue Week 3 Sharon on Guilt v. Remorse  (PDF)
Chris Clifford 2019-10-06 1:29:50
Paramis: Renunciation
  • Paramis: Renunciation Week 1 Letting Go  (PDF)
Chris Clifford 2019-11-08 0:00


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