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Andrea Fella is the co-teacher at the Insight Meditation Center and the Insight Retreat Center. She has been practicing Insight Meditation since 1996, and teaching Insight Meditation since 2003. She is particularly drawn to intensive retreat practice, and has done a number of long retreats, both in the United States and in Burma. During one long practice period in Burma, she ordained as a nun with Sayadaw U Janaka. Andrea is especially drawn to the wisdom teachings of the Buddha. Her teachings emphasize clarity and practicality. Andrea is a member of the Spirit Rock Teachers Council, and teaches residential retreats for IMC and other retreat centers around the country.

Andrea is currently offering an ongoing series about the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, which can be accessed here:

Transcendent Dependent Arising: Concentration Supports Seeing Clearly 2021-06-0332:07
Guided Meditation: Relax and Receive 2021-06-0311:40
Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness: Practicing with the Five Aggregates 2021-06-0148:30
Guided Meditation: Simply Aware of Experience 2021-06-0112:57
Transcendent Dependent Arising: Concentration As a Result of Practice 2021-05-2727:48
Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness: Knowing the Non-Arising of the Hindrances 2021-05-2544:57
Guided Meditation: Getting to Know Ourselves Thoroughly 2021-05-2511:36
Transcendent Dependent Arising: The Experience of Happiness 2021-05-2028:41
Guided Meditation: Receiving Experience 2021-05-2015:32
Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness: Noticing Conditionality with Hindrances 2021-05-1847:31
Guided Meditation: What Wants to be Seen? 2021-05-1819:44
Transcendent Dependent Arising: Joy, Tranquillity and Happiness on the Path
Guided Meditation: Receiving Experience 2021-05-1313:42
Fourth Foundation: Aware of the Presence and Absence of Hindrances 2021-05-1143:38
Wise Mindfulness and Mindfulness of Dhammas
Guided Meditation: Receiving Experience, Here and Now 2021-05-0414:27
Transcendent Dependent Arising: Faith Supports Delight 2021-04-2231:13
Guided Meditation: Befriending Experience 2021-04-2219:31
Transcendent Dependent Arising: Suffering Conditions Faith 2021-04-1530:57
Guided Meditation: What is True in this Moment? 2021-04-1515:54
Third Foundation of Mindfulness: Aware of Qualities of the Meditating Mind 2021-04-1342:08
Guided Meditation: Practice Like a Naturalist 2021-04-1317:49
Dependent Origination: The Good News 2021-04-0130:24
Guided Meditation 2021-04-0116:06
Reflections on Not Self and Freewill 2021-03-3045:41
Guided Meditation: What is Offered 2021-03-3012:25
An Unconstricted Heart 2021-03-2527:44
Guided Meditation: Arriving, Relaxing, Connecting 2021-03-2512:11
Wisdom, Compassion and Tragedy
Dependent Origination: Ignorance Shapes Suffering 2021-03-1830:41
The Delusion of Self: Opening to the Uncontrollable Nature of Experience 2021-03-1643:49
Guided Meditation: The Streams of Experience 2021-03-1619:31
Dependent Origination: Mindfulness Changes the Conditions 2021-03-1129:17
Guided Meditation: Simple Receptive Awareness 2021-03-1114:38
Exploring Othering as a form of Selfing 2021-03-0944:30
Guided Meditation: What is Here? 2021-03-0917:29
Dependent Origination: the Conditioning of Suffering
Studying the Sense of Self: Studying Identities 2021-03-0243:17
Dependent Origination: An Overview 2021-02-2529:05
Guided Meditation: Physical and Mental Processes Condition Each Other 2021-02-2521:26
The Delusion of Self 2021-02-2347:57
Guided Meditation: Receiving the Unfolding Process of being Human 2021-02-2315:38
Conditionality 2021-02-1829:24
Thursday evening Sit and Q&A (Series) 2021-02-188:24:21
Guided Meditation: Noticing Experience and the Relationship to it 2021-02-1816:32
Exploring the Delusion of Reliability 2021-02-1645:27
Guided Meditation: Receiving What is Offered 2021-02-1621:10
Responding to Questions
Guided Meditation: Allowing Experience and Kind Awareness 2021-01-2810:52
Impermanence and the Delusion of Permanence 2021-01-2645:48
Guided Meditation: Nature of Experience as Changing 2021-01-2616:24
Delight, Joy and Happiness on the Path 2021-01-2130:34
Guided Meditation: Relaxation Supports Practice 2021-01-2113:18
The Delusion of Distortions 2021-01-1943:48
Guided Meditation: Being With Experience 2021-01-197:44
Developing Equanimity 2021-01-0729:59
Guided Meditation: Allowing and Equanimity 2021-01-079:51
Views and Delusion 2021-01-0543:24
Guided Meditation: Aware of What is Already Here 2021-01-0512:14
Refuge in the New Year 2020-12-3130:47
Guided Meditation: Awareness is a Natural Capacity 2020-12-3110:48
Different Kinds of Delusion 2020-12-2947:21


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