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Gil Fronsdal is the co-teacher at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, California and the Insight Retreat Center in Santa Cruz, California. He has been teaching since 1990. Gil has practiced Zen and Vipassana since 1975 and has a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from Stanford. He has trained in both the Japanese Soto Zen tradition and the Insight Meditation lineage of Theravada Buddhism of Southeast Asia. Gil was trained as a Vipassana teacher by Jack Kornfield and is part of the Vipassana teachers' collective at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. He was ordained as a Soto Zen priest at the San Francisco Zen Center in 1982, and in 1995 he received Dharma Transmission from Mel Weitsman, the abbot of the Berkeley Zen Center. He has been the primary teacher for the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, California since 1990. He is a husband and father of two boys.

Dharma Samadhi (5 of 5) Concentration 2020-07-1225:53
Guided Meditation: Mindfulness as Honesty 2020-07-1236:45
Community Zoom Meeting 2020-07-1041:28
Dharma Samadhi (5 of 5) Concentration
Dharma Samadhi (4 of 5) Happiness 2020-07-0915:46
Guided Meditation: Well-Being Arising from the Body 2020-07-0931:43
Dharma Samadhi (3 of 5) Tranquility 2020-07-0813:07
Guided Meditation: Tranquility 2020-07-0830:58
Dharma Samadhi (2 of 5) Gladness and Joy 2020-07-0717:07
Guided Meditation: Meditating with "Yes" 2020-07-0731:22
Dharma Samadhi (1 of 5) Carried by Inspiration 2020-07-0615:49
Guided Meditation: Joy in Meditation 2020-07-0631:32
Training in Freedom 2020-07-0530:28
Guided Meditation: The Interface of Agitation and Peace 2020-07-0535:55
Fear (4 of 4) Wholesome and Unwholesome Fear 2020-07-0246:25
Guided Meditation: Protecting the Wholesome 2020-07-0232:16
Fear (3 of 4) Friendly toward Fear and What is Fearless 2020-07-0113:53
Guided Meditation: Friendly Toward Fear 2020-07-0132:01
Fear (2 of 4) Our Relationship to Fear 2020-06-3014:57
Guided Meditation: Meditating from Safety 2020-06-3031:35
Fear (1 of 4) Understanding Fear 2020-06-2915:43
Guided Meditation: Meditating with Trust 2020-06-2931:22
Liberating Speech: Uniting Those Who are Divided 2020-06-2830:48
Guided Meditation: Meditating with Truth 2020-06-2835:01
The Roots (5 of 5) Delusion 2020-06-2645:24
Guided Meditation: Healing Awareness 2020-06-2632:32
The Roots (4 of 5) Non-Hate 2020-06-2515:46
Guided Meditation: Non-Hate 2020-06-2531:14
The Roots (3 of 5) Hostility 2020-06-2415:15
Guided Meditation: Seeing not Being Aversion 2020-06-2431:18
Guided Meditation: The Sources of Awareness 2020-06-2330:19
The Roots (2 of 5) Lack or Fullness 2020-06-2315:39
The Roots (1 of 5) The Roots of Behavior 2020-06-2213:21
Guided Meditation: Seeing in a New Way 2020-06-2233:45
Guided Meditation: Meditating with Beauty 2020-06-1932:18
The Ethical Heart (5 of 5) The Roots of Ethics 2020-06-1914:02
The Ethical Heart (4 of 5) The Ten Wholesome Actions 2020-06-1814:35
Guided Meditation: This Too 2020-06-1832:33
Guided Meditation: Compassionate in Meditation 2020-06-1733:01
The Ethical Heart (3 of 5): Wholesome and Skillful 2020-06-1713:10
The Ethical Heart (2 of 5) For the Welfare of Others 2020-06-1613:21
Guided Meditation: Resiliency 2020-06-1633:27
The Ethical Heart (1 of 5) Ethical Sensitivity 2020-06-1514:22
Guided Meditation: The Body as the Instrument 2020-06-1531:17
The Ethical Heart (Series) 2020-06-153:05:50
Refuge (5 of 5) Being a Refuge to Others 2020-06-1226:25
Guided Meditation: Situation Centered Instead of Self-Centered 2020-06-1231:44
Guided Meditation: Without Complaint 2020-06-1132:38
Refuge (4 of 5) Trusting Refuge 2020-06-1112:36
Refuge (3 of 5) The External Refuge 2020-06-1016:11
Guided Meditation: With A Peaceful Gaze 2020-06-1028:45
Refuge (2 of 5) The Internal Refuge 2020-06-0913:49
Guided Meditation: Breathing as a Refuge 2020-06-0931:34
Black Lives Matter: How do you Want to be Changed 2020-06-0828:12
Guided Meditation: Touching Inner Goodness 2020-06-0830:55
Refuge (1 of 5) Becoming One's Own Refuge 2020-06-0815:17
Refuge (Series) 2020-06-083:59:57
Guided Meditation: Finding Refuge Within 2020-06-0831:32
Seven Factors of Awakening: Equanimity 2020-06-0714:49
Guided Meditation: Stability 2020-06-0732:01
Guided Meditation: Becoming Whole
June 4-7: Gil Fronsdal and Max Erdstein
Seven Factors of Awakening: Concentration 2020-06-0615:16
Guided Meditation: This Too 2020-06-0629:20
Seven Factors of Awakening: Tranquility and Ease 2020-06-0512:49
Guided Meditation: Ease 2020-06-0530:22
Seven Factors of Awakening: Joy 2020-06-0413:58
Guided Meditation: Joy 2020-06-0431:52
Seven Factors of Awakening: Effort 2020-06-0313:57
Guided Meditation: Mindfulness as Being Here 2020-06-0332:25
Seven Factors of Awakening: Investigation 2020-06-0214:43
Guided Meditation: Mindfulness as a Foundation 2020-06-0230:40
Seven Factors of Awakening: Mindfulness 2020-06-0115:46
Guided Meditation: Being Here for Mindfulness 2020-06-0128:42
Seven Factors of Awakening (Series) 2020-06-014:29:55
Four Noble Truths: Patipada (5 of 5) The Flowering of Ease 2020-05-2929:41
Guided Meditation on Ease 2020-05-2930:22
Four Noble Truths: Patipada (4 of 5) The Eightfold Path 2020-05-2816:48
Guided Meditation: Touched by Inconstancy 2020-05-2832:03
Four Noble Truths: Patipada (3 of 5) Direct Experience 2020-05-2714:31
Guided Meditation: Letting Go 2020-05-2729:16
Four Noble Truths: Patipada (2 of 5) Entering the Stream 2020-05-2614:05
Guided Meditation: Balancing Doing and Allowing 2020-05-2632:00
Four Noble Truths: Patipadā (1 of 5) The Fourth Noble Truth 2020-05-2513:57
Fourth Noble Truth: Paṭipadā (Series) 2020-05-251:29:04
Guided Meditation: Mind Like Water 2020-05-2531:42
Becoming Wise about Anger and Frustration 2020-05-2431:16
Guided Meditation: Resting in Subjective Experience 2020-05-2437:23
Youtube Community Zoom Meeting 2020-05-221:12:07
Four Noble Truths: Nirodha (5 of 5) Three Forms of Cessation 2020-05-2214:43
Guided Meditation: Opening to Joy 2020-05-2228:24
Four Noble Truths: Nirodha (4 of 5) The End of the World 2020-05-2118:12
Guided Meditation: Inconstancy and Non-Clinging 2020-05-2131:02
Four Noble Truths: Nirodha (3 of 5) Arising and Cessation 2020-05-2014:46
Guided Meditation: Unification 2020-05-2031:30
Four Noble Truths: Nirodha (2 of 5) Freedom from Craving 2020-05-1912:35
Guided Meditation: Wanting and Not Wanting 2020-05-1931:26
Four Noble Truths: Nirodha (1 of 5) Cessation 2020-05-1811:43
Third Noble Truth: Nirodha (Series) 2020-05-181:12:02
Guided Meditation on Endings and Beginnings 2020-05-1832:39
Four Dimensions of the Inner LIfe 2020-05-1725:28


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