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Nikki Mirghafori

Nikki Mirghafori, PhD, teaches and serves on the Board of Directors of the Insight Meditation Center (IMC) and Spirit Rock. She is a Stanford-trained compassion cultivation instructor, a UCLA trained mindfulness facilitator, a Spirit Rock/IMS/IMC trained residential retreat teacher, and authorized by the renown Burmese meditation master, Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw, to teach jhanas and analytical vipassana. Nikki has straddled the worlds of Dharma & technology as an Artificial Intelligence scientist for decades.

Happy Hour: Thankfulness for Challenges 2020-11-3056:10
Happy Hour: Abundance & Gratitude as Ways of Seeing 2020-11-2755:20
Happy Hour: Appreciating Things We Take For Granted 2020-11-2559:05
Happy Hour: Thanking Those We Take for Granted 2020-11-2353:23
Happy Hour: Practicing with Awe 2020-11-2055:02
Happy Hour: Metta, Wisdom, and the First Noble Truth 2020-11-1862:16
Happy Hour: Love Heals -- Practicing Self-Compassion 2020-11-1649:46
Happy Hour: Social Inter-Connectedness and Metta 2020-11-1357:20
Happy Hour: Metta and Gratitude for Those No Longer in Our Lives 2020-11-1154:11
Happy Hour: Metta Without Want from Another 2020-11-0955:42
11.8.20 Sunday Morning Sit with Instructions
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
11.7.20 Saturday Evening Reflections
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
11.7.20 Saturday Dharma Talk
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
11.6.20 Friday Evening Reflections
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
11.6.20 Friday Afternoon Sitting Meditation with Instructions
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
11.6.20 - Friday Morning Instructions
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
Happy Hour: Equanimity of Embodied Spacious Awareness 2020-11-0453:28
Happy Hour: Pre-Election Equanimity Practice 2020-11-0252:39
Happy Hour: Wrapped in a Blanket of Metta 2020-10-2653:24
Happy Hour: Loving and Being Loved 2020-10-2353:35
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (8/8) -- Generosity 2020-10-2155:13
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (7/8) -- Compassion/Kindness 2020-10-1953:42
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (6/8) -- Gratitude 2020-10-1653:56
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (5/8) -- Forgiveness II 2020-10-1456:42
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (5/8) -- Forgiveness I 2020-10-1247:24
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (4/8) -- Acceptance/Acknowledgment 2020-10-0955:12
Dharmette: Feeling Tone's Impersonality and The Two Arrows 2020-10-0919:54
Guided Meditation: Who Feels Feelings? 2020-10-0930:41
Dharmette: Vedana in the Cycle of Dependent Arising 2020-10-0822:30
Guided Meditation: Feeling Tone (Vedana) Arising & Progression 2020-10-0831:20
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (3/8) - Humor 2020-10-0752:42
Dharmette: Feeling Tone (Vedana) Is A Changing Perception 2020-10-0717:08
Guided Meditation: Noticing the Impermanence of Feeling Tone (Vedana) 2020-10-0731:53
Dharmette: Common Reactions to the 3 Tones of Vedana 2020-10-0616:32
Guided Meditation: Mindful of the Relationship to Feeling Tone (Vedana) 2020-10-0629:58
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (2/8) - Humility 2020-10-0549:03
Dharmette: Feeling Tone (Vedana), the 2nd Foundation of Mindfulness 2020-10-0517:39
Guided Meditation: Mindfulness of Feeling Tone (Vedana)
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (1/8) - Perspective III 2020-10-0255:27
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (1/8) - Perspective II
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (1/8) - Perspective I
Happy Hour: Connection and Community 2020-09-2553:25
Happy Hour: Participation in Co-creation 2020-09-2154:04
Happy Hour: Generosity of Spirit 2020-09-1855:15
Happy Hour: the Body as the Basis of Friendliness and Goodwill 2020-09-1453:20
Resilience and Gladdening Our Mind in Challenging Times
Happy Hour: Gratitude and Vicarious Joy 2020-09-1152:39
Happy Hour: Goodwill and Conflict 2020-09-0952:34
Happy Hour: Embodied Receptive Metta 2020-09-0753:24
Guided Med: Embodied Deep Listening; Dharma Talk: Listening non-judgmentally internally & externally 2020-09-0661:08
Happy Hour: Soothing Metta 2020-09-0453:53
Happy Hour: Embodied Gratitude, and Sharing Sangha-Love 2020-09-0255:08
Happy Hour: Gentle Strength of Compassion with Quan Yin 2020-09-0147:48
Happy Hour: Cultivating Goodwill for a Fellow Human-Being 2020-08-2853:38
Happy Hour: Metta and Collecting the Mind 2020-08-2754:02
Happy Hour: Metta and Awareness 2020-08-2653:33
Happy Hour: Metta and the Four Wise Efforts 2020-08-2453:44
Happy Hour: Metta and Wise Livelihood 2020-08-2153:08
Guided Meditation: The 5th Reflection; Dharmette: I Will be Separated From All That Is Dear To Me 2020-08-2147:06
Guided Meditation: The 4th Reflection; Dharmette: I Am Subjected to the Results of My Own Actions 2020-08-2045:03
Happy Hour: Metta and Wise Action 2020-08-1952:47
Guided Meditation: The 3rd Reflection; Dharmette: I Am of the Nature to Die 2020-08-1946:38
Guided Meditation: The 2nd Reflection; Dharmette: I Am of the Nature to Sicken 2020-08-1846:30
Happy Hour: Metta and Wise Speech 2020-08-1754:02
Guided Meditation: The 1st Reflection; Dharmette: I Am of the Nature to Age 2020-08-1742:31
The Five Daily Reflections (Series) 2020-08-173:47:50
Happy Hour: Metta and Wise Intention 2020-08-1453:45
Happy Hour: Metta and the Eightfold Path (Series) 2020-08-136:11:01
Happy Hour: Metta and Wise Perspective 2020-08-1352:28
Happy Hour: Metta and Equanimity 2020-08-0753:21
Happy Hour: Metta and Resolve 2020-08-0554:19
Happy Hour: Metta and Truthfulness 2020-08-0352:55
Happy Hour: Metta and Engagement/Energy 2020-07-3154:30
Happy Hour: Metta and Wisdom 2020-07-2950:54
Happy Hour: Metta and Renunciation of Expectations 2020-07-2754:16
Happy Hour: Non-Harming as the Basis for Metta 2020-07-2453:21
Happy Hour: Metta as Generosity 2020-07-2254:40
Happy Hour: Generosity as Metta 2020-07-2048:37
Happy Hour: Patience as Loving Strength 2020-07-1653:38
Happy Hour: Metta and the Ten Perfections (Paramis) (Series) 2020-07-167:57:14
Happy Hour: Watching the Movie of Our Lives Through Buddha-Colored Glasses 2020-07-1556:18
Happy Hour: Our Goodness as a Gift 2020-07-1353:01
Happy Hour: The Joy of Interconnection 2020-07-1051:17
Happy Hour: Metta as Strength, Giving and Receiving 2020-07-0851:44
Happy Hour: Metta through the Nourishment of Wholesome Intention 2020-07-0659:27
Happy Hour: Celebrating Interdependence with Metta 2020-07-0354:55
Happy Hour: Should-Free Gratitude Practice 2020-07-0152:04
Happy Hour: Metta as Abundant Space
Happy Hour: Metta as Mother Earth
Happy Hour: Metta as Nourishing Air
Happy Hour: Metta as Healing Waters
Happy Hour: Metta as Holy Fire
Happy Hour: Exploring Metta as the Five Elements (Series) 2020-06-184:15:25
Happy Hour: Self-Compassion & Metta in Challenging Times 2020-06-0952:11
Meeting This Moment in Time: Practice, BLM, & Social Justice 2020-06-0733:30
Guided Meditation: How Am I Meeting the Moment? 2020-06-0734:31
Happy Hour: Nourishing Our Hearts in Tumultuous Times 2020-06-0551:28
Happy Hour: Hatred Never Ceases by Hatred, but by Love Alone is Healed 2020-06-0454:30
Happy Hour: The Illusion of Separateness and Racial Injustice 2020-06-0254:30
Happy Hour: Holding Space for Grief and Pain of Racial Injustice 2020-05-3059:05


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